Special Expertise


Knowledge is the heart of a Company and the primary reason for its success.

SAIL offers comprehensive Knowledge management services.

First, SAIL assists Companies in identifying their business Knowledge, meticulously differentiating between IPRs and Know-How

Secondly, SAIL supports Companies with expanding their business Knowledge, suggesting measures to protect Companies’ sensitive data, improving HR training and accurately classifying intangible assets.

Thirdly, SAIL coordinates and optimizes the exploitation of Companies’ business Knowledge to maximize their total revenue by:
  • Assessing eligibility to tax incentives and other Innovation-related incentives such as: Patent Box; Tax Credit on Capital Goods; Tax Credit for Research, Development, Innovation and Design; Corporate Intangible Assets Revaluation.
  • Using business Knowledge to obtain better credit conditions in negotiations with lenders and other finance operators.
  • Enhancing the relationship with investors and financial and industrial partners.
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