SAIL is a Service Provider specialized in providing business services to Companies to improve their competitiveness.

About Us

The corporate structure and the work team are composed of highly qualified, competent, dedicated and experienced consultants.

SAIL, based in Rome, operates throughout the national territory, thanks to a solid organization and a well-established operational network.

SAIL offers Companies strategic Knowledge management support, both internally and externally.

SAIL’s main characteristics: authoritativeness of its employees, efficiency in meeting Clients desires and requests; confidentiality when dealing with the media.


Competitiveness originates from a Company’s Knowledge and organizational heritage. Nowadays Knowledge is a key element, an extremely valuable asset, that requires to be managed with competence and professionalism.

Knowledge has a crucial impact on a Company’s business, both internally and externally.

Internally, a Company’s knowledge base stems from various sources: IP, Know-How, HR.

Externally, a Company’s Knowledge plays a crucial role in different sectors: Brand Reputation, Corporate Identity, Public Affairs.

Our activity develops along three lines:

We assist Companies in identifying and exploiting their Business Knowledge as well as adopting appropriate measures to protect their sensitive data.
We work to improve Companies’ market presence thanks to an effective Corporate Identity and a strong Brand Reputation.
Public Affairs
We work to promote and facilitate a transparent and effective relationship relationship between Companies and Public Authorities.
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